Incident Simulation Pack

We believe that running an incident simulation with your friends, or in your club, is a valuable exercise. It brings people together, while revealing the challenges of accident management in the local area in a safe and controlled environment.

In this pack we have constructed an example scenario based around a paragliding crash. It is by no means prescriptive, so please use any scenario you feel appropriate for your location and your group of practitioners. We would suggest not overcomplicating the medical details, as first aid is only one part of the exercise. Indeed, a good accident simulation should include:

  • Approach to the scene
  • Group dynamics
  • Assessment and treatment
  • Casualty evacuation

The pack includes ‘role cards’ for the scenario’s Narrator, Observer, Casualty and Emergency Call Handler, along with some tips on debriefing the exercise.

Please remember that some participants in the simulation may find the experience difficult or traumatic. Please be sensitive to this during the exercise and in the debriefing that follows.

Download the Incident Simulation Pack.