X-Lite First Aid Kits

X-Lite Ultralight Extreme Sports Sports First Aid Kit

Ultralight first aid kit designed for, and by, practitioners of extreme sports. Every item carefully chosen and field-tested. Available to buy from Escape.

Casualty card1
Permanent markerStaedler Lumocolor 0.6mm1
GlovesNon-sterile, nitrile2
Trauma bandageOleas Modular bandage1
Haemostatic gauzePrometheus HemCon Chitogauze1
Sterile gauze swabsNon-woven, pack of 51
Triangular bandageNon-sterile, non-woven1
Steristrips6cm x 7.5mm, pack of 31
TapeStrappal zinc oxide 2.5cm x 5m1
Needle21G ‘Green’ needle1
ScalpelNo. 11, non-sterile thumb scalpel1
Flexible splint Prometheus ‘SAM’-style splint
AnalgesiaIbuprofen, paracetamol4
AspirinAspirin 300mg1
Purification tabletsMicroPur2