Extreme Sports Trauma Courses

Paragliding Remote Trauma Course

Participants on the January 2018 course undertake the final scenario: a tandem accident following a reserve deployment. Note how the team splits into groups: one group making the scene safe, the others caring for the casualty. The leader stands back and the scribe records the events as they unfold.

Our Extreme Sports First Aid and Trauma Management Course is designed specifically for practitioners, guides and instructors. The course is run by Dr Matt Wilkes (FFPP) and Jocky Sanderson (Escape Paragliding and Keswick Mountain Rescue Team) at the Flight Park in Braithwaite, Lake District.

Why a specific course?

Extreme sports accidents are often severe and remote, and fellow practitioners are usually first on scene. Recognising this, our course aims to go beyond traditional first aid teaching to focus on the management of major trauma in the remote setting. Group dynamics and scene management are integral to the programme and the course is endorsed by the BHPA.

“This course really is second to none and tailored to our sport.” Ben Johnson, Jan 2018 course.

“In the past I’ve wondered how I might react/engage if the need arose. Now I feel confident to step up in incident management. Delivered with passion, backed by experience and lubricated with good humour. Thank you” Anonymous, Jan 2018 course.

Preparation and Prevention

  • Accident prevention
  • The paragliding environment (sun, cold and high altitude)
  • First aid kits
  • Accident simulations

Scene Management

  • Scene safety
  • Group dynamics
  • Communication
  • Working with rescue services

Casualty Care

  • Securing and moving casualties
  • Assessment
  • Haemorrhage control
  • Airway management
  • Spinal injuries
  • Pain management
  • Medical Emergencies
  • CPR in the wilderness

After an Incident

  • Follow up and debriefing
  • Insurance and repatriation

A proportion of the proceeds from each course will be donated to Karma Flights (Cloudbase Foundation) to help provide first aid kits and training in rural Nepal.